Thursday, February 3, 2011

The chaos in Egypt can be controlled by hypnotizing dancing wrestlers.

Between The Bridge And The River

Craig Ferguson.  Known and loved as the cheeky Scottish-Conan guy on the Late Late Show, with the gay robot skeleton and the puppets and SECRETARIAT!  But before he landed that gig, the man wrote up a fantastic novel that I am now going to shamelessly plug.

"Between The Bridge And The River" is a fairly surreal take on religion, philosophy, sex, love, family, suicide, death, the entertainment industry, and the great unconscious.  Hilarious in all the right places, poignant and thoughtful in all the other places that are also right, and everything ties together.  Reading this novel got me hooked on religious philosophy, and the works of Carl Jung.  And the Reader's Guide at the end will definitely have you scratching your head and straining your thinker about certain aspects of morality and life.. the universe.. everything, really.

Find it in your local bookery and you will not be disappointed.

Thank you, and have a nice day.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A blog about something.

Of course it's not very constructive or entertaining just to sit here and talk about nothing.  This isn't Facebook or Myspace or the Twittermachine.  And so I will dedicate this blog-mo-tron to two separate facets, with perhaps one or two guest subjects popping up from time to time: My love for professional wrestling, namely CHIKARA; and also DnD action, more specifically Forgotten Realms, more specifically Neverwinter Nights, more specifically the Amia server.  Best bunch of folks I've ever sorta-known.

For now, I'll just say about CHIKARA... It's pretty much a comic book come to life, and that description doesn't do it justice by a long mile.  They present all around fun, fan service, and wrestling styles from all across the globe.  And they just keep getting better and better.  If you ever get the chance to see CHIKARA live, it will no doubt be a fun experience.

And yeah, I'm still learning about this whole blogamajig, so please excuse my amateurishness while I try to get the hang of this doohickey.

Garry The Entertainer's Unentertaining Blog

Hey gang.  So I guess I got a blog now.  Neat.

I've been a semi-professional entertainer for a couple years, doing the local clown/magician circuit.  Let me tell you, it doesn't bring in as much money as you'd think.  I'm hoping one day to get up enough money so I can move north and train to be a professional wrestler.

I have an orangutan.  His name is Clyde.  He loves monster trucks.